Attention York researchers: CIHR wants to hear your stories

CIHR wants to hear from you: Tell them about your research in 150 words

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)  would like to feature your work in a showcase of the life-changing research being conducted right here in Canada. They will use your story to create a crowd-sourced digital storybook of health researchers from across the country.

How you can get involved

CIHR would like you to tell them about your research in around 150 words. Why did you go into health research in the first place? What are you and your lab working on? What health problem(s) are you tackling? What new scientific knowledge are you creating? From discovery science and clinical research to strengthening the health care system and examining the social determinants of health – CIHR wants to hear about the exciting projects you’re working on.

We hope you’ll consider participating in this celebration of Canada’s health researchers during our country’s big year.

All set? Share your story now.