Brainstorm, a special edition of YFile publishing on the first Friday of every month, showcases research and innovation at York University. It offers compelling and accessible, feature-length stories about the world-leading and policy relevant work of York’s academics and researchers across all disciplines and faculties, and encompasses both pure and applied research.

Launched in January 2017, Brainstorm is produced out of the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation in partnership with Communications & Public Affairs; overseen by Megan Mueller, manager, Research Communications; and edited by Jenny Pitt-Clark, YFile editor.

All articles are first published in YFile.


Current Issue

Book challenges urban thought, offers fresh perspective “from outside in”

Environmental Studies professor releases book on the global phenomenon of suburbanization. This, on the heels of a major international conference, will shape future thought on this important topic.

Canada Research Chair creates extraordinary art installation in Korea

York U’s Graham Wakefield, core member of VISTA, participates in a groundbreaking art exhibit in Seoul, Korea: He and fellow artist-researcher create an unforgettable virtual reality experience.

“Dog’s Breakfast” a hit for York prof and jazz musician Barry Elmes

York Professor by day and celebrated jazz percussionist/composer by night, Barry Elmes releases a new CD that’s getting a lot of buzz: “Dog’s Breakfast.”

New way of measuring pain could lead to improved approaches in treatment

Canada Research Chair embarks upon three pain studies in the process of creating and testing a new tool to measure pain. Highly effective, it points to future directions in treatment.

Two York mathematicians determine how to stay a step ahead of C. difficile

York researchers simulated a C. difficile outbreak in a hospital ward. What they learned will capture the attention of public health officials, policy-makers, clinicians and epidemiologists.