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Long-term exposure to microgravity impacts astronauts’ perception of upright

Researchers at York University’s Centre for Vision Research (CVR) have discovered that astronauts who experience extended periods of microgravity experience long-term disturbances in their perception of upright. The study “The effect of long-term exposure to microgravity on the perception of upright” appears this month in the Nature Partner Journal: Microgravity. The project investigates how astronauts […]

Safe exercise guidelines for type 1 diabetes by international team led by York U researcher

An international team of researchers and clinicians led by York University Professor Michael Riddell has published a set of guidelines to help people with type 1 diabetes exercise safely to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. “Regular exercise can help individuals with diabetes to achieve their blood lipid, body composition, fitness and blood sugar goals, but […]

The price of perfectionism: Suicidal thoughts along cultural lines

Gordon Flett looks at ethnic variations on perfectionism, and how they relate to suicidal thoughts in university students. This study, a global first, could help Canadian undergrads. There is no doubt university students are under increasing pressure to succeed in their academic, social and personal lives. York University psychology Professor Gordon Flett, Canada Research Chair […]

York prof Scott Adler awarded research gift to study C-section births

York University psychology Professor Scott Adler is the recipient of a $105,000 research gift from the Hallward Fund of the Toronto Foundation in support of his research project titled “Exploring the Caesarean Section Birth Experience as a Risk Factor for Attentional and Cognitive Consequences.” Scott Adler The six-figure gift was announced recently and will be delivered […]