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Happy fifth! Innovation York marks a milestone birthday

Innovation York turns five this year. To mark the birthday, Sarah Howe, director of York’s innovation office, reflects on the advances made during its formative years. Innovation York celebrates its fifth birthday this year Q. Happy fifth birthday to Innovation York. You were there at the start. Tell us about a pivotal moment at the […]

York U-led laser instrument to help bring home asteroid sample by NASA mission

Michael Daly, a York University researcher, is the lead scientist on a laser altimeter that will map the surface and create a 3D model of the asteroid Bennu during a NASA mission launching in 2016. The instrument will also help to guide the spacecraft on the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission to a safe spot, […]

Two York researchers receive Petro-Canada Young Innovators Awards

Two York researchers recently received Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards. The awards program is a commitment by Petro-Canada and York University to encourage excellence in teaching and research that will enrich the learning environment and contribute to society. “Professors Jennifer Chen and Sean Kheraj are among the faces of the future of research at York. As early […]

Feds announce millions for new project: York a major partner

The federal government announced Wednesday at York that it would contribute up to $15.5 million dollars through its Technology Development Program to the Connected Health and Wellness Project, of which York University is a major partner. The Connected Health and Wellness Project is a collaborative project led by a partnership of York University, NexJ Systems […]

York space scientists reflect on the last flight of Atlantis, the end of NASA’s space shuttle program and what the future holds

York University’s Department of Earth & Space Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Science & Engineering has a long history with NASA’s shuttle program. A new video highlights significant milestones in this history and includes reflections from a number of the University’s space scientists. Here are Professor Emeritus of Space Science Gordon Shepherd, Professor of […]