The price of perfectionism: Suicidal thoughts along cultural lines

Gordon Flett looks at ethnic variations on perfectionism, and how they relate to suicidal thoughts in university students. This study, a global first, could help Canadian undergrads. There is no doubt university students are under increasing pressure to succeed in their academic, social and personal lives. York University psychology Professor Gordon Flett, Canada Research Chair […]

Ottawa renews $1.4-million Canada Research Chair at York

The federal government has renewed a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Health Psychology at York enabling Faculty of Health Professor Joel Katz to advance his research in the psychological, emotional and biomedical factors involved in acute and chronic pain. As a Tier 1 CRC, Katz will receive $1.4 million over seven years. The renewal is […]

Researchers find brain's default network shrinks in healthy aging and dementia

Researchers at York University and Cornell University have found the brain’s default network, a collection of brain regions thought to be involved in cognitive functions such as memory, declines in volume with both normal aging and in Alzheimer’s disease. These new findings suggest that structural changes in this collection of brain regions may be critical […]