Centre for Jewish Studies

Professor Steve Mason invites students to archeological dig in Israel (Summer 2011)

York students have a chance this summer to join an archeological dig of an ancient village in Israel’s Negev Desert. Horvat Tsalit flourished during the turbulent years from King Herod to the violent Bar Kochba War (circa 30 BCE to 135 CE). According to ancient historian Flavius Josephus, it provided sanctuary to Judean militias fleeing […]

Chancellor and professors to discuss social justice and human rights January 12

Chancellor Roy McMurtry and three York professors will discuss social justice and human rights on a panel next Wednesday as part of the Research Matters Speakers Series. McMurtry, former attorney general of Ontario, will open with remarks on social justice in Canada. Each panelist will speak about a different aspect of the theme, followed by a […]

Professor Xu Xin of China to speak about Israel through Chinese eyes November 21

Religious studies Professor Xu Xin of Nanjing University in China will present his talk “Israel Through Chinese Eyes” later this month. The talk, presented by the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York, will take place Sunday, Nov. 21 at 3:30pm in W136 Executive Learning Centre, Seymour Schulich Building, Keele campus. The […]

York Research Tower: Creating a new model for research collaboration

Researchers, faculty, administrators and staff working in the York Research Tower gathered on May 4 to celebrate the new building’s role in fostering social science and humanities research across York University (all speaker videos are available in the Research Multimedia Centre). Above: The York Research Tower, which opened in September 2009, features some 84,000 square feet […]

Passings: Golda Koschitzky, York patron, supporter of the Centre for Jewish Studies

Golda Koschitzky, York benefactor and honorary degree recipient, has died. She was 102. On Nov. 5, 1999, York presented the philanthropist and Jewish education innovator with an honorary doctor of laws. Over 90 years old at the time, she had supported the establishment of a professorship then a Chair in Jewish Teacher Education at York through […]