Centre for Research in Earth & Space Science

NSERC awards York research centres $3.3 million

Programs in vision research and atmospheric chemistry and physics will provide enhanced research and training for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows If you’re working in 3D film or aerospace engineering, what impact do the latest developments in brain and vision research have on your industry’s practices? What if you’re drafting government policy on air quality […]

York study finds fog, thick haze, and 'diamond dust' on Mars

Nights on Mars are shrouded in icy fog that turns to scattered precipitation, according to a new study of weather near the red planet's north pole, wrote National Geographic News online April 4: The finding marks the first time that fog has been directly observed on the neighbouring world, adding to evidence that modern Mars […]

When do we stop looking for life on Mars? Professor Jack McConnell on the MATMOS project

Will we ever be able to say there is nothing alive on Mars? asked Stephen Strauss in a column for CBC News online Oct. 8: Exactly how do we decide when it's time to end the focus on our planetary neighbour and turn our primary exploratory efforts elsewhere? I ask in part because a casual reader […]

Lab technologist brings little pieces of Mars to York, promotes space research

Nick Balaskas is on a mission. He wants to set a world record for the number of people who have walked on Mars. Although technically he would need only one person to achieve his goal, Balaskas has set his sights on 500 – a round number he developed based on the total number of individuals […]

North York Mirror covers York's involvement in 2016 Mars mission to search for life

York University researchers will take part in a mission probing Mars’ atmosphere for methane sources in an effort to find evidence of life on the planet, wrote the North York Mirror Aug. 24: Researchers from the Faculty of Science & Engineering will be part of a team of Canadian scientists responsible for a device that […]