York Centre for Vision Research

CFI awards York researchers more than $592,000 in research infrastructure

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has awarded York University $592,631 in infrastructure funding to support the research of four York professors. Ali Kazimi, professor in Department of Film in the Faculty of Fine Arts, will receive $143,186 in funding for industry standard infrastructure of a Stereoscopic 3D Lab @ York. The funding will allow Kazimi to augment […]

Two York profs receive Ontario Early Researcher Awards

York Professors Natasha Myers and Thilo Womelsdorf have been awarded $100,000 each in funding under the Ontario government’s Early Researcher Awards program.   Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation announced the awards Monday.  York University’s research investment of $50,000 will match the funds for the award. The Early Researcher Awards program helps promising, recently appointed […]

Roving eyes help us see things better and faster

The saying, “looking at things with fresh eyes”, may be more than just a metaphor, according to new studies led by Professor Kari Hoffman of York’s Centre for Vision Research, which have been published in scholarly journals. Left: Kari Hoffman While searching for experiments to use in a research methods course, Hoffman took a fresh […]

Study finds people can see the forest without the trees

When you look at someone’s office, what do you see – the desk, some pens, a computer? Do you know it’s an office because of the objects in it, or by taking in the entire scene? What York psychology Professor Jennifer Steeves and PhD candidate Caitlin Mullin (MA ’08) have found is that it’s not […]

Brain to blame for wandering eyes

Why is it so hard to suppress a glance at an attractive person? Why do we find ourselves rubbernecking at traffic accidents? According to a York University study, the brain’s primitive “inner eye” is to blame. The study, published yesterday in the Journal of Neuroscience, focuses on the superior colliculus, a structure buried deep within […]