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Professor Amro Zayed explores the genetic basis of honey bee behaviour

What makes a worker bee a good worker? The answer may be both nature and nurture, says York  Professor Amro Zayed, who is studying the genetic basis of honey bee behaviour to create better bee colonies. “A colony lives or dies by how well the workers perform, and there is a tremendous amount of variation,” […]

PhD student Tanya Gulliver featured in radio documentary on disaster response and mental health

PhD student Tanya Gulliver was interviewed by freelance documentary producer Tina Pittaway in The Day the Water Died, a documentary about how people in Louisiana and Alabama are dealing with the combined psychological fallout and stress of Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. CBC's The Current featured the documentary June 9: With […]

Audio Interview: Osgoode Professor Jamie Cameron on free speech, abortion protests and the Gibbons legal case

Jamie Cameron, professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, talked about the Linda Gibbons case, in which Ontario launched a lawsuit in 1994 against a group of protesters some say were terrorizing staff and patients outside an abortion clinic, on CBC Radio’s “Sunday Edition” May 15. Cameron's interview is available on CBC's website and begins […]

Professor Christine Jonas-Smith premieres film on families living with perinatal loss

York nursing Professor Christine Jonas-Simpson has always been keenly interested in loss and grief, how people experience it and how they integrate it into their lives in a continuing way. It was while doing research on daughters who had lost their mothers to Alzheimer’s disease that Jonas-Simpson experienced what she calls “the deepest loss of my […]

Professor Anne Russon speaks to Quirks & Quarks about her research on fishing orangutans

Anne Russon, psychology professor at York’s Glendon College, spoke about her latest research that shows orangutans have conquered their fear of water so they can fish for food, on CBC Radio’s “Quirks & Quarks” April 23: Orangutans are generally not fond of water, but Dr. Anne Russon, a professor of psychology at the York University, […]