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York researcher identifies world's 20,000th bee species

An article published this month by York University researcher Sheila Dumesh describes 21 new kinds of bees, pushing the world’s total known bee species past the 20,000 mark. The article, “Revision of the rare Mesoamerican bee genus Mexalictus (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) with the description of 21 new species”, published in the journal Zootaxa, identifies the bees […]

Regular exercise leads to better energy distribution in muscle

Looking to boost energy levels and stave off degeneration of aging muscle? Add workouts to your daily routine to become more energetic and perform day-to-day activities better, say York University muscle health researchers. “Our recent study shows that exercise leads to expansion of the mitochondrial network and, as a result, energy is distributed to muscle […]

Effects of precarious legal status on immigrants long lasting

Immigrants with precarious legal status, such as temporary foreign workers, often end up in precarious work situations that undermine their economic prospects. Moreover, according to a new study by researchers from York University and the University of Toronto, these effects are long lasting even for those who subsequently become permanent residents. The Impact of Precarious […]

Knowledge Mobilization documents best practices for clear language research summaries

When it comes to conveying the important research to the broader community, clear language summaries are the best choice, this according to a new article published in the peer-reviewed journal, Scholarly & Research Communications. Led by David Phipps (left), executive director of research & innovation services, and colleagues from York's Knowledge Mobilization Unit (KMb), the group put pen to […]

Chronic high-levels of stress hormone could lead to heart problems

Chronic high-levels of the stress hormone cortisol could inhibit the growth of blood vessels and lead to cardiovascular complications, as well as poor skeletal muscle blood flow, in people with diabetes, obesity or Cushing’s syndrome, a new study by York researchers has found. The study by principal researcher Tara Haas of York’s School of Kinesiology […]