York U’s Faculty of Science draws ‘rising stars’ for inaugural York Science Fellowships

The Faculty of Science at York University has recruited six impressive emerging researchers from around the world as the inaugural recipients of York Science Fellowships. These premier postdoctoral fellowships offer talented, early-career scientists the opportunity to pursue their research in collaboration with outstanding scientists in the Faculty of Science. They were made possible thanks to […]

Faculty of Science Prof. Scott Menary: York as a valued global contributor in physics

Scott Menary discusses the breakthrough that changed the way scientists look at the universe and contemplates York’s earning its spot on an international stage. Physics Professor Scott Menary, of York University’s Faculty of Science, contributed to a game-changing research endeavour at CERN ─ the subject of a 2016 article in the journal Nature ─ further establishing […]

York’s World Leading Vision Research Program Receives Canada’s Premiere Grant

York University’s world class expertise in vision research is recognized with the nation’s top federal research funding award, the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, to the tune of $33 million. A landmark investment in research was announced on September 8, 2016, at York University. On this day, the government of Canada acknowledged York’s expertise in […]

Researchers find brain's default network shrinks in healthy aging and dementia

Researchers at York University and Cornell University have found the brain’s default network, a collection of brain regions thought to be involved in cognitive functions such as memory, declines in volume with both normal aging and in Alzheimer’s disease. These new findings suggest that structural changes in this collection of brain regions may be critical […]