Long-term exposure to microgravity impacts astronauts’ perception of upright

Researchers at York University’s Centre for Vision Research (CVR) have discovered that astronauts who experience extended periods of microgravity experience long-term disturbances in their perception of upright. The study “The effect of long-term exposure to microgravity on the perception of upright” appears this month in the Nature Partner Journal: Microgravity. The project investigates how astronauts […]

York’s World Leading Vision Research Program Receives Canada’s Premiere Grant

York University’s world class expertise in vision research is recognized with the nation’s top federal research funding award, the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, to the tune of $33 million. A landmark investment in research was announced on September 8, 2016, at York University. On this day, the government of Canada acknowledged York’s expertise in […]

York study finds evidence for two systems of gravity perception

How does the brain know which way is upright? How does the brain learn about the direction of gravity? York U researchers in the Centre for Vision Research studying questions of how gravity perception works have found new evidence to suggest that this basic sensory process may be more complex than previously thought. Though we […]

Renowned vision researcher to deliver the next Ian P. Howard Lecture

The use of technology to simplify the early stages of visual processing is at the heart of intriguing lecture presented by University of California, San Diego Professor Terry Sejnowski at the Ian P. Howard Lecture in Vision Science Friday. The lecture will take place Nov. 9 at 2pm in the Robert McEwen Auditorium, W141 Seymour Schulich Building, […]

Toronto Star covers inaugural 3D film conference led by York researchers

And as the film world continues its rapid transition from traditional 2 D celluloid film to 3 D digital, a weekend conference at the TIFF Bell Lightbox is aimed at boosting the Toronto film community’s chances of capitalizing on the next wave in film – 3-D, wrote the Toronto Star June 9: The [Toronto International […]