Guidelines: Research Conducted by External Researchers

Similar to other educational institutions, York University receives requests by external researchers – researchers who are not affiliated with the York University community in any capacity – to conduct research on campus and/or involving York University community members be they staff, faculty or students.

Research conducted at York University and/or with/involving York University community members (Staff/Faculty/Students) is subject to review and approval by the HRPC. As it is difficult to provide the necessary oversight of researchers external to York University and as the HPRC/ORE has little recourse with regards to the activities of external researchers, it is necessary to require external researchers to provide proof of approval from their own research institution’s REB, prior to submitting a protocol to the HPRC for review. Research conducted by external researchers which is not subject to review by other institutional REBs and thus does not have external REB approval, shall be considered for review by the HPRC on a case by case basis. However, such research, if more than minimal risk, shall not be reviewed by the HPRC.

Researchers should:

  1. Provide the Office of Research Ethics with a copy of their home institution’s REB approval certificate. In the absence of an approval certificate, external researchers shall contact ORE for further information and guidance re the potential for review.
  2. Submit an ethics protocol to the HPRC for review and approval.