Research Grant Support

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb), often known as Knowledge Translation (KT) in Health, is increasingly important in research in Canada. Granting councils are seeking a clear and comprehensive KMb or KT plan for all grants. Staff within the Knowledge Mobilization Unit are trained to provide assistance for you and your project team in the development of a tailored KMb plan. We can provide training and support, and in some cases in-kind service support for your project. We can review and provide feedback on all KMb plans prior to their submission.

Apartment Building

Knowledge Mobilization Unit staff can share the critical components of all KMb plans:

  • We provide suggestions on how to articulate and present
    the plans
  • We offer training and tools that can help all project team
    stakeholders understand and implement relevant KMb
  • Our office has supported over 100 project teams and
    Principle Investigator’s at York and have helped secure over
    $40M in research funding
  • The Knowledge Mobilization Unit can provide, as relevant,
    in-kind service support for your grant application which
    cover the spectrum of services offered