Innovation York  is responsible for ensuring that research agreements are drafted, reviewed, negotiated, and executed in a timely manner. In order to ensure that the appropriate terms and conditions are contained within the agreement, we liaise with various departments across the university and obtain legal support from the Office of the Counsel. For more information, contact Innovation York.

Person signing a document.

An agreement is a contract with an external third party that creates obligations for a researcher(s), the third party, and the university. There are many types of research agreements:

  • Funding Agreements – an agreement that allows for the transfer of money from the government, non-profit organizations, other academic institutions, or industry for academic research projects.
  • Subgrant Agreements – an agreement that allows for the transfer of money from the university to other academic institutions or non-profit organizations. This excludes the transfer of tri-council grant funding, which is completed by the Grants & Applications unit.
  • Non-Funding Agreements – an agreement that allows for the facilitation of research, but does not involve money:
    • Data Sharing Agreements –used to transfer data and information
    • Collaboration Agreements –used to collaborate on research projects when no money is transferred between the parties
    • Confidentiality Agreements –used to share confidential information
    • Material Transfer Agreements –used to transfer research materials