Training & Capacity Building

The Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York provides learning opportunities for York researchers, staff, graduate students and external partners to help make research relevant to professional practice and policy development. We can deliver customized learning sessions to your research team to provide information, skills and experience in Knowledge Mobilization.

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Examples of learning sessions we have offered in the past include:

  • Building a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy
  • Impact and Accountability in Knowledge Mobilization
  • Clear Language Writing and Design Principles
  • Research Snapshots – Clear Language Research Summaries
  • Social Media for Research
  • Social Media Strategy Building for Research Teams
  • Hands-on Training in WordPress and Twitter

KMb Learning Sessions

We are providing sessions for York researchers, staff and graduate students to help make their research relevant to professional practice and policy development. Past KMb Learning Session topics include: Social Media 101, Twitter for Researchers, O3, WordPress, KMb 101, KMb Strategy Building, Clear Language Writing and Design.  A description of the sessions can be found on our blog.  For more information and to register for an upcoming session, you can also visit our Eventbrite page.